3 - The Wisdom Within

by Day Spa for the Mind

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Each Treatment has 5 separate tracks/parts and the voice-over text is included in to notes included on each track.

Day Spa for the Mind exclusively features the inspiring ambient soundspaces of Japetus in a comprehensive treatment program to improve your mind and expand your life. Day Spa for the Mind delivers a range of treatment modules to help you develop your mind.

The first 10 treatment modules are:
- Health & Healing
- Your Life's Purpose
- The Wisdom Within
- Creativity & Inspiration
- Personal Power
- Wealth & Abundance
- Love & Relationships
- High Performance
- Harmony & Balance
- Spiritual Connection

Each treatment has different parts - Reprogramming (8 minutes) and Visualisation (10 minutes). You can choose which part you wish to listen to. Initially, you may wish to experience the whole treatment but later you may wish to just drop in for a shorter time. Sometimes you may feel you need to energise your mind and you can just do the Reprogramming, maybe before an important meeting. Other times you may come home from a hard day and want to bliss out and relax and just do a Visualisation. There is also an introduction at the start and revival section at the end.

More about Day Spa for the Mind
Day Spa for the Mind creates a space where you can relax, unwind, and get into the right mind-space to create positive change in your life. We all have busy lives and the thought of meditation, even though we all know the benefits, can seem all to daunting.

The purpose of Day Spa for the Mind is to create a space where you can safely explore your life journey, and create powerful guideposts that will help you manifest the life of your dreams.

A simple, yet POWERFUL way to ‘tune yourself up’ for SUCCESS…
Meditation is a powerful process of connecting with your inner guidance, but for most of us, getting there is a challenge.

Day Spa for the Mind treatments:
1. Always begin with a meditative process to clear your mental clutter.; then
2. Our treatments take you through an active process of nourishing your mind with positive-mind programming (or sub-conscious affirmations) and then,
3. Taking you through a powerful visualisation process where you ‘fill-in the gaps’ of your journey.

You already have EVERYTHING you NEED, you just need to UNLOCK it…
These processes borrow from the principles of hypnotherapy and visualisation techniques as tools to achieving personal success. Hypnotherapy allows for subconscious obstacles to be overcome, and visualisation allows for the conscious, deliberate creation of your success journey.

THE REST IS UP TO YOU… you create your own path for success.

As with all meditation processes, use your own guidance as to what works for you.

We offer the following recommendations:
1. If possible, dim the lights of your room
2. Use headphones if your speakers are not high quality, and set the volume at a comfortable level
3. Switch off your phone and make sure you won’t be interrupted
4. Sit comfortably at your desk or lounge chair if you’re using a laptop, and de-activate suspend mode/screen savers
5. Use some essential oils in your burner if you have one
6. Relax and enjoy the experience

How often?
For each treatment to have optimal impact, we would recommend daily use for 30 days. Alternatively, to maintain a balanced approach to your success journey, use one treatment… or just take them one at a time. As with all personal development work, take your time with it, and avoid making any major or life changing decisions within the first 45 days of using Day Spa for the Mind.

After the treatment
At the end of each treatment, take time to write your thoughts and experience in a journal. You’ll find it helpful to review your success journey at a later date. A journey worth achieving is a journey worth recording.

Check in with yourself
As with all personal development tools, keep an open mind, and check in with yourself as to how its working for you. Whilst the material contained in Day Spa for the Mind have been created with the most positive of intentions, if you find it does not resonate with you, keep searching for other tools that will help you on your path.

In the spirit of love, wisdom and the highest intentions for your personal success; we wish you a wonderful experience as you explore Day Spa for the Mind.


released September 6, 2016


all rights reserved



Day Spa for the Mind Byron Bay, Australia

Day Spa For The Mind is a profound collection of healing journeys created by multi-award winning multimedia artist Japetus who has a range of healing products including ambient albums, videos & visualisations. First Treatment FREE - 6hrs just A$18.

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